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Daintree Village Birding 20 August 2011

An enjoyable day was spent birdwatching in the Daintree Village area by members and visitors of Birds Australia North Queensland regional group. A committee meeting was accompanied by a couple of cruises on the Daintree River and a walk at a local property 'Wild Wings and Swampy Things'. Considerable effort is taking place to revegetate this once cleared property to return it to its former rainforest majesty. Rufous Fantail, Little Shrike-thrush, Grey Whistler, and a family of Lovely Fairy-wren were the avian highlights.

Grey Whistler. Photo © Ian Montgomery

On a morning cruise of the river, Osprey, Shining Flycatcher, Azure Kingfisher and several Papuan Frogmouth were seen. The highlight was Little Kingfisher observed at close range diving repeatedly from riverine Mangrove Lily to catch and eat tiny shrimp.

Little Kingfisher Catching Shrimp. Photo © Ian Montgomery

During an afternoon cruise spectacular views were obtained of Great-billed Heron standing at close range as well as flying at close proximity to the boat. Cruises were provided by BANQ member Murray Hunt, owner and operator of Daintree Boatman Nature Tours.

Great-billed Heron Flying past Boat. Photo © Ian Montgomery

Murray Hunt
Secretary, BANQ