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Wave the Waders Goodbye, Cairns Esplanade, Saturday 31 March 2012

Great Knot at Cairns Esplanade (Courtesy Ian Montgomery)

Before the annual gathering of north Queensland birders on the Cairns Esplanade to wave the waders goodbye for another northern summer, a workshop on identification was held. Some of the attendees have been struggling with wader ID for years but one was a lady just off the plane from North America. The Shorebird 2020 resources proved valuable not only in the workshop but in the field. In Cairns we are lucky to be able to go from our presentation room, across one lane of traffic and a little grass and the birds are there, at our feet almost.

More than 35 members and guests enjoyed a beautiful sunny afternoon and many wonderful birds; some in near full breeding plumage. Some of our summer residents including Red-necked Stints had already left but those remaining were bolstered by more southern sojourners like Red Knots. Having both breeding and non-breeding plumages on display was helpful to those wader wonderers and when confusing species appeared side by side it was even better. There are few places in the world where it is easier to watch waders than the Esplanade of Cairns

Report: Alan Gillanders