Birds Australia North Queensland

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David Suzuki at the Townsville Entertainment and Convention Centre

On Tuesday 3rd October 2006 at the Townsville Entertainment and Convention Centre, David Suzuki gave an inspirational address to more than 3000 people.

Birds Australia North Queensland was part of that night, the biggest environmental event Townsville has ever seen. Thank you to the organisers and especially Tony Grice, Jo Wieneke and Rosemary Payet who were busy all night talking about local bird conservation efforts such as the Black-throated Finch, Crane Count, wetlands, migratory birds and threatened species.

BANQ have been given a copy of the DVD which has been produced by TCC and the Department of Defence, which includes the awesome cultural welcome, photographs of the event, David Suzuki's address and other material. This is available for loan from the Secretary.

Below are photographs taken of the BANQG volunteers and display.

Left to right: Tony Grice, Rosemary Payet and Jo Wieneke

Jo Wieneke

Left to Right: Helen McLaughlin (with Alex), Jo Wieneke, Tony Grice